1. MULTIVERSE "Live in Poznan"
    Yedo Gibson - soprano sax / Goncalo Almeida - doublebass / Vasco Furtado - drums

    Gonçalo Almeida - Doublebass // Pierre Bastien - Trumpet and Mechanisms

  3. (CR017) TETTERAPADEQU /// bRack Again
    Daniele Martini : sax / Giovanni di Domenico: pn / Gonçalo Almeida: dbass / João Lobo : dr.

  4. (CR016) Duas Margens / Live at Pletterij
    Gonçalo Almeida - doublebass// Raoul van der Weide - doublebass and objects

  5. (CR015) OUT ROOM
    Luis Lopes (guitar) / Gonçalo Almeida (doublebass) / Rogier Smal (drums)

    Susana Santos Silva (trp.) / Jasper Stadhouders (g.) / Gonçalo Almeida (db.) / Gustavo Costa (dr.)

  7. (CR013) TETTERAPADEQU /// Descanso Del Dopo Popo
    Daniele Martini : saxes / Giovanni di Domenico : pn / Gonçalo Almeida : db / João Lobo : dr.

  8. (CR012) JANGADAS
    Gonçalo Almeida( double bass & loops) //// Rutger Zuydervelt (electronics & objects)

  9. (CR011) Earcinema
    Gonçalo Almeida (doublebass) / Raoul van der Weide (doublebass, cello & objects)

  10. (CR010) Doze Ruínas
    Gonçalo Almeida(doublebass) // Rutger Zuydervelt (processing & additional sounds)

  11. (CR009) The Creature /// John Dikeman // Gonçalo Almeida // George Hadow
    John Dikeman (tenor sax.) Goncalo Almeida (dbass) George Hadow (dr.)

  12. (CR008) DUETS
    Nina Hitz (cello) // Gonçalo Almeida (doublebass)

  13. (CR007)///Almeida// de Joode// Lonberg-Holm// Live at ZAAL 100
    Goncalo Almeida(doublebass) //Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello) // Wilbert de Joode (doublebass)

  14. (CR006) Into the Grey Zone ////// Almeida / Bakker
    Henk Bakker - bass clarinet / Gonçalo Almeida - doublebass

  15. (CR005) Jasper Stadhouders & PQ // Live at OCCii
    Jasper Stadhouders - guitar // PQ - electronics

  16. (CR004) Down the Pipe Martini/Simonis/Almeida/Franco
    Daniele Martini (tenor sax) Lukas Simonis (guitar) Gonçalo Almeida (bass) Marco Franco (dr)

  17. (CR003) Dialogues,Quarrels and other Conversations// Almeida/ van Wijck Duo
    Gonçalo Almeida (doublebass) // Friso van Wijck (drums & percussion)

  18. (CR002) Dikeman/ Lonberg-Holm/ Almeida/ Hadow
    John Dikeman (tenor sax) Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello) Gonçalo Almeida (db.) George Hadow (dr.)

  19. (CR001) Monologues Under Sea Level
    Gonçalo Almeida (doublebass)


cylinder_recordings Rotterdam, Netherlands

Cylinder Recordings its a DIY netlabel runned by Portuguese doublebass player Gonçalo Almeida, based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
Started in 2015, it focuses on free improvised music.
The netlabel offers download format for every releases,along with pdf liner notes. In some cases cdr and tape releases are available as well.
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