1. (CR023) ÁGUAS
    Hydra Ensemble/ Gonçalo Almeida: dbass /Lucija Gregov & Nina Hitz: cello/ Rutger Zuydervelt: electr.

  2. (CR022) CICLOS
    Gonçalo Almeida : double bass

    Gonçalo Almeida - double bass

  4. (CR020) Almeida / Serries Live at OZO LAND
    Dirk Serries - guitar // Gonçalo Almeida - double bass

  5. (CR019)MULTIVERSE "Live in Poznan"
    Yedo Gibson - soprano sax / Gonçalo Almeida - double bass / Vasco Furtado - drums

    Gonçalo Almeida - double bass // Pierre Bastien - Trumpet and Mechanisms

  7. (CR017) TETTERAPADEQU /// bRack Again
    Daniele Martini : sax / Giovanni di Domenico: pn / Gonçalo Almeida: dbass / João Lobo : dr.

  8. (CR016) Duas Margens / Live at Pletterij
    Gonçalo Almeida - double bass// Raoul van der Weide - double bass and objects

  9. (CR015) OUT ROOM
    Luis Lopes (guitar) / Gonçalo Almeida (doublebass) / Rogier Smal (drums)

    Susana Santos Silva (trp.) / Jasper Stadhouders (g.) / Gonçalo Almeida (db.) / Gustavo Costa (dr.)

  11. (CR013) TETTERAPADEQU /// Descanso Del Dopo Popo
    Daniele Martini : saxes / Giovanni di Domenico : pn / Gonçalo Almeida : db / João Lobo : dr.

  12. (CR012) JANGADAS
    Gonçalo Almeida( double bass & loops) //// Rutger Zuydervelt (electronics & objects)

  13. (CR011) Earcinema
    Gonçalo Almeida (doublebass) / Raoul van der Weide (doublebass, cello & objects)

  14. (CR010) Doze Ruínas
    Gonçalo Almeida(doublebass) // Rutger Zuydervelt (processing & additional sounds)

  15. (CR009) The Creature /// John Dikeman // Gonçalo Almeida // George Hadow
    John Dikeman (tenor sax.) Goncalo Almeida (dbass) George Hadow (dr.)

  16. (CR008) DUETS
    Nina Hitz (cello) // Gonçalo Almeida (doublebass)

  17. (CR007)///Almeida// de Joode// Lonberg-Holm// Live at ZAAL 100
    Goncalo Almeida(doublebass) //Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello) // Wilbert de Joode (doublebass)

  18. (CR006) Into the Grey Zone ////// Almeida / Bakker
    Henk Bakker - bass clarinet / Gonçalo Almeida - doublebass

  19. (CR005) Jasper Stadhouders & PQ // Live at OCCii
    Jasper Stadhouders - guitar // PQ - electronics

  20. (CR004) Down the Pipe Martini/Simonis/Almeida/Franco
    Daniele Martini (tenor sax) Lukas Simonis (guitar) Gonçalo Almeida (bass) Marco Franco (dr)

  21. (CR003) Dialogues,Quarrels and other Conversations// Almeida/ van Wijck Duo
    Gonçalo Almeida (doublebass) // Friso van Wijck (drums & percussion)

  22. (CR002) Dikeman/ Lonberg-Holm/ Almeida/ Hadow
    John Dikeman (tenor sax) Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello) Gonçalo Almeida (db.) George Hadow (dr.)

  23. (CR001) Monologues Under Sea Level
    Gonçalo Almeida (doublebass)


cylinder_recordings Rotterdam, Netherlands

Cylinder Recordings its a DIY label runned by Portuguese double bass player Gonçalo Almeida, based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
Started in 2015, it focuses on free improvised and experimental music.

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